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I grew up in Southern Wisconsin and everyone in my family had dogs, cats, or both. My 1st cat was named Garfield and lived on my Great Uncles Dairy farm along with cows, chickens, pigs, rabbits, and barn cats. One of the family dogs I remember fondly was Cooper named after Peter Jenkins dog in Walk Across America. After High School I fell in love with the mountains and lived in Utah before moving to Phoenix in 2002.


Hi, I'm Ivan and I now permanently live in Phoenix after moving back from Utah, though I am originally from Buckeye, Arizona. I have always loved animals though I did not have a pet growing up. My favorite thing about working with animals is the joy that accompanies playing with them.


I grew up on Phoenix but have lived all over. An artist by trade, I most recently moved back from California where I worked at Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, as well as worked with a pet sitting company on the side. I’ve spent my life working with both domestic and exotic animals, including bears, snakes, lions, tigers, as well as cats, birds, and dogs. Currently I’m working as a representative for Merrick pet food maker Merrick. I love animals and have a beautiful, friendly Maine Coon cat named Lil’ Kim.


Born in Oklahoma, Duke is a Boxer/Labrador mix who resettled in Phoenix in September 2019. Though he currently weighs a whopping 70 lbs, he's still a puppy. He enjoys socializing with clients and providing quality control services in his role as Resident Walk Inspector.


I am a native of Arizona and love cats, dogs, and all sorts of critters. While I love all animals, I, myself, am a vegetarian, my favorite dog became the Boston Terrier after my roommate's Boston Terrier decided to adopt him! Before coming to Pet Sit Arizona, I volunteered at a local animal shelter and am happy to bring my knowledge and passion to the team.


I absolutely love animals, especially dogs, and grew up with a few that were like my best friends. Nowadays for me, that's my Jack Russell-mix rescue pup whom I am obsessed with. We cuddle, play, walk, or go to the dog park every chance we get. I am a Phoenix native, have a business degree and work as an Executive Assistant for a VP at a large financial institution.


I enjoy spending time with all different kinds of animals. Pets allow us to experience a spectrum of emotions, from joy to comfort to sorrow, and they're great listeners. Though I don't have any of my own I love visiting my friends' pets as well as our clients' pets.


Born and raised in Phoenix, I attended Brophy College Prep, received my degree in Secondary English Education from ASU, and am an Eagle Scout. Having grown up with many different kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, fish, turtles, quail, rabbits, and more, caring for animals is second nature. The care we provide is second to none!


Zoey is a ChiWeenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund mix) with a zest for life. Small but mighty, this young professional takes total control as Head of HR in order to ensure her high standards for providing quality care are met and exceeded.

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